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Nowadays over half of all web traffic comes from a phone! So it is likely that the majority of the visitors to your website will be viewing it from their phone. That is a lot of people.

It is obviously important that people using phones/tablets can easily access your web site therefore you need to consider having a 'Responsive' web site. A Responsive site can be as easily accessed on tablets and smart-phones as on a PC. It does this by being aware of the characteristics of the device that is being used to view it and adapting it’s appearance accordingly. No more text that has to be expanded in order to be read, no more scrolling from side to side, no more drop-down menus that are hard to use on a touch-screen etc.

We have developed the capability using our unique AntEater Responsive technology of creating such sites at an economical price and we would be happy to do that for you. This site is responsive as are two sites that we completed recently and
Please look at these examples on your PC and then a tablet and/or smart-phone and see how they adapt to fit.

Having a mobile friendly site is now even more important since Google now uses your website's mobile compatibility as a significant factor in your search engine ranking which will mean more visitors to your website.

Responsive example
Existing non-responsive site?
We are obviously happy to quote for new sites but if you already have a site then we can quote for the conversion of it to a Responsive design. Obviously at the same time you might wish to take the opportunity to make any changes to your site that you have been considering and we would be happy to quote for the whole task.

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