Other Things to Consider

These can often be forgotten about

Email addresses

Email addresses using your domain name give a professional image. As part of our hosting service we would set up appropriate email addresses of the form xxxxx@yourdomainname.suffix. Common ones are ‘yourname@’, ‘info@’ & ‘admin@’. If required these addresses can be redirected to existing email addresses that you are using.


If you have an existing Logo for your operation then you should use that on your web site. The logo needs to be in an appropriate format (.png, .jpg or .gif). If you have business cards or leaflets with a logo then the company who produced the artwork can normally provide such a graphic. If you do not currently have one then we can arrange for a graphic designer to create a logo for you for a fee. This can be an expensive approach. An alternative is to find an appropriate image on the internet.


People who do not know of you get to your web site via either a search engine (primarily Google) or from links from other sites. These links are critical since not only do you get people coming across from those other sites but also the more and better links to your site the better Google ranking you get.

Investigate local businesses with web sites.  Use the web to find local businesses that have a non-conflicting activity and see if they do links. If they do then contact them asking them to include you.