Key Website Information

If you are new to web sites then it can seem very confusing with lots of apparently contradictory information around. In these pages we have attempted to give a basic guide to having your own web site and the services that we can provide to you.

To create and maintain a web site you need to do three key things

Domain registration

This is the name for your web site and is what people would type into their browser to find your site. A domain name is of the format It is important that the domain name is relevant to your operation. It will typically be either your organisation name e.g. ‘samsmiths’ or an indication of what you are doing e.g. ‘luxuryshoes’.

There are a number of suffices than can be used. The most common are ‘’ for UK companies and ‘com’ for international (or USA) companies. . There is also a new domain name of .uk available. If you are operating only in the UK then do use a UK suffix since it tells your prospective users where you operate.

Once you have decided on a name then we will register it for you for which there will be an annual charge.

We can register a whole range of other suffices if appropriate.

Web Site Development

We are able to undertake web site development to any level of complexity from a one page site to interactive responsive web sites and anything in between.

Our approach is to discuss with any prospective client what they wish to achieve from having a web site. We will ask about the customers that you want to attract so that we can make the site relevant to your prospects.

We will then plan with you; number of pages, layout, graphics, colours etc.
At that point we will give you a fixed quote for the work. If you are happy with the quotation then we will ask you for the text and graphics (and a deposit) and we will get started. Until you have accepted the quotation there will be no charges.
We will develop the site on our development server and provide you a link so that you can watch as your site comes together.
Once you are happy with what we have produced we will put it live. At that point we will also create any email addresses that you desire.
After that we will still be available to make any subsequent changes that you require and provide general support.

We are specialists in mobile/tablet friendly web sites and develop a sites using our ‘Responsive’ web site engine.

All of our web sites come with an optional Content Management System (CMS) so that you can make changes to the web site yourself. We provide 2 hours of free one to one tutorial on using our CMS.

We will happily quote for your particular requirements.


You will need a company who will host your web site. That means that they will allocate space on one of their web servers for your web site and link that location to your domain name on the Internet Nameservers so that when your domain name is typed into a browser it will know where to look to find your web site.

When selecting a hosting company the usual issues around performance, customer service and reputation apply. Without reliable hosting your site can disappear for short or long time periods or an be very slow to respond. Your web site is normally a very important part of the marketing of your business. You want to ensure that it is always available. We have been in business since 1989 and provide a very reliable and fast hosting service.

We have a number of hosting packages available which vary depending on the size and complexity of your web site and the number of visitors that you are likely to get. Our Silver package is normally sufficient for most small sites.