Hosting & Domain Registration Services


Basic - £18 per year

25MB disk space
0.5GB data transfer

Bronze - £36 per year

100MB disk space
1GB data transfer

Silver - £48 per year

200MB disk space
2GB data transfer

Gold - £72 per year

400MB disk space
4GB data transfer

Platinum - £100 per year

800MB disk space
8GB data transfer

Titanium - £150 per year

1600MB disk space
16GB data transfer
If you need more disk space or bandwidth then we will be happy to quote for your needs.

Domain Registration

UK - £16 per annum
.uk             etc.

Europe - £34 per annum

.es             etc.

International - £26 per annum

.net             etc.
We can supply a full range of domain suffixes - please let us know your requirements.